If you have a home textile business, then there is good news for you. We know that advertising costs have increased, but the textile manufacturers also don’t have any choice but to spend money on it because the competition is fierce. To survive in this competitive market, textile manufacturers must advertise their brand constantly.

We provide an affordable advertising solution for textile manufacturers. As our magazine is read by thousands of people who are either interested in buying home textiles or learning about this industry, you will get a huge customer base by advertising here. The advertising options that we provide are discussed here.

Newsletter Ads

These ads are very effective in reaching the right target customers. The newsletters are sent to only the subscribers, and the newsletter contains useful content. So, the readers read them and will notice your ad instantly. You will get lots of calls and responses by placing the ad in our newsletter.

Product Reviews

As there are lots of options available for textile buyers, they often read reviews of the products or brands before purchasing them.

We have experts who can write good reviews for the products. They will highlight the best features of your products and brand so that the prospective customers are convinced that your products are of high quality and different from that of the others.

Banner Ads

These ads are very common, and you will see them in almost every magazine. The best part of these ads is they are easy to create, and you have more chance of impressing prospective customers through these ads.

We can help you create banner ads of different sizes to suit your budget. You can also choose the location of the ad and the duration; the price will vary accordingly. We use animation, graphics, and good content to create the ads.

Social Media Ads

We are very active on our social media pages. We post useful content, and as a result, we have thousands of fans and followers on our site. If you place an ad here, lots of people will see it and respond to it.

These ads will help to increase your customer base. You can talk to our advertising experts regarding the various advertising options. Please contact us to learn more about it.