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Mr. Pancho Quality Control

Mr. Pancho Quality Control

Meet Mr. Pancho, Director of Quality Control

Out walking one morning during a summer vacation in Galicia in northern Spain, we stumbled upon a small, dirty, frightened puppy, heading for certain death on a roundabout.  No collar and clearly abandoned, we couldn't leave him, so Javier carried the tiny puppy in the palm of his hand to his parents house where we were staying.

Attempts to find his owners proved fruitless, but we were about to leave for an extended trip around the world, what to do!  Thankfully Javier's Mother agreed to take care of him for us whilst we were away.

Upon our return to Spain, Pancho who was named by Javier's sister, after a dog on Spanish TV who won the lottery, moved with us to Madrid and later from Madrid to Auckland.

In addition to being a world traveller, Mr. Pancho as he likes to be known, is now our Director of Quality Control and you can rest assured that all of our products have the Pancho seal of approval!