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Natural Fibres

Natural Fibres

Why natural fibres are best

Natural fibres "breathe", they absorb moisture and release it into the air via a process called “wicking” that creates natural ventilation. That is why a cotton shirt feels cool on a hot day whereas polyester or acrylic feel hot and clammy.

Natural fibres are good for sensitive skins and tend to cause less reactions than synthetic fabrics.

Natural fibres are of major economic importance to developing countries.  By choosing natural fibres we boost the sectors economic growth and help fight hunger and rural poverty.

Natural fibres are a renewable resource that is carbon neutral, absorbing the same amount of carbon dioxide that they produce. And at the end of their life cycle, they are 100% biodegradable.

Cotton is easy to wash and care for, as it releases dirt more easily than many other fabrics and cotton bedding gets softer and more comfortable with time.
Just a few of the reasons why natural is best when talking about bed linens!