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The Truth About Thread Count

The Truth About Thread Count

Why Thread Count is not as important as you think!

Thread count is one of the most abused terms in the bed linen industry with creative "counting" methods used to inflate thread counts and price tags accordingly.

Thread count refers to the number of vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) threads woven per 10 square cm (NZ & Australia) or per square inch (Europe). 

Extra threads or "picks" can also be woven into the weft threads to increase the thread count and the weight of the final product.

Additionally multi-ply threads may be used which are then counted individually to increase the overall thread count.

In terms of weave quality alone, the best fabric would be made with single ply yarns and have a single pick.  However the highest thread count you can get with this type of construction is about 500 (per square inch).  To achieve higher a thread count then, requires the use of 2, 3 or even 4 ply yarns and / or multi-picks.

So what else is important in the production of quality linens?

Fibre Quality, Long Staple is always best

Long staple cotton is very important in the production of high quality cotton.  Staple refers to the length of the cotton fibre, the longer the fibre the better the quality as it allows for the creation of stronger and finer yarns. 

Yarn Size

Yarn size refers to the fineness of each yarn, the higher the yarn size the finer the yarn.  Finer yarns allow for lighter, more supple fabric.  Higher thread counts may be created with finer yarns because more of them can be woven into a square inch.  Super fine yarns may also be twisted together, creating 2 ply yarns that can then be woven into lighter weight sheeting. 


After cotton yarns are woven into a fabric, the fabric needs to be finished.  This includes singeing and mercerising.  Singeing refers to the process of burning off the tiny fuzz that can later develop into piling on your sheets.  Mercerising is a treatment conducted under tension, that increases strength, lustre, and the ability of the fabric to absorb dye.

Origin - Why we only buy from Portugal

The Portuguese textile industry has been producing high quality home textiles for generations.  They use their considerable knowledge and experience together with the best raw materials, cutting edge technology and beautiful design, to produce wonderfully high quality products.

How they feel

At Capricho we encourage you to trust your senses, the feel of high quality bed and bath linens are unmistakable, so always make sure that the fabric feels good against your skin!

Which weave is right for you


Percale is a traditional one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave that results in a smooth, cool, crisp feel.  Its exceptional softness and durability means that percale weave sheets will improve with every wash.  They are lightweight and breathable, making percale particularly good for the summer months and all year round warmer sleepers.


Sateen is a one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over weave which means more surface threads giving sateen its signature silky-soft feel and luminous sheen. Sateen is more tightly woven and slightly heavier in weight than Percale, making it warmer and incredibly soft, ideal for year-round comfort.

You can find our range high-quality beautifully made Sheet Sets here and Duvet Sets here.

Feb 12, 2017

Thanks for your query Jeanette.
We have had a number of customers tell us the same thing, that they have spent a considerable amount of money on sheets only to find that they are rough, or pill or do not last well.

We only stock linens from Suppliers/brands that we have used ourselves for many years and therefore are very confident about. Even our lower thread count products last for years and remain smooth, as our Suppliers only use quality materials and processes. We are confident that you will be happy with any of our bed linens.

Regarding viewing our products we have sent you an email on this point.

Team Capricho
Feb 03, 2017

Hi I have read your article on thread count etc. I’m really fussy with linen and like good quality soft feeling sheeting. I’m sick of wielding a lot of money on ‘high threadcount’ sheeting only to find it’s rubbish and goes bally etc. Do you have a store I can feel your fabrics or is there a particular sheeting you have you could highly recommend ? It looks lovely. Regards ?

Jeanette Rutherfurd

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