Capricho, Tailwing Hook, Medium, Grey Painted Oak
Capricho, Tailwing Hook, Medium & Small, Grey Painted Oak, styled on wall, WOUD
Capricho, Tailwing Hook, Medium, Grey Painted Oak

Tail Wing Hook

$65.00 $125.00

Tail Wing Hook from WOUD Design

“Inspiration for designs can come from the most surprising places. The tail wing hooks are a result of time spent in an airport. When looking out on all the parked airplanes, the shape of a clothing hook came to my mind” – Kasper Nyman, designer.

Tail Wing hooks are designed so that when light is shining from above they cast a shadow resembling the back end of an aeroplane.  These beautiful and functional decorative wall hooks are perfectly designed to hold anything, from jackets and umbrellas to keys and bags.

      Product Information

      • Grey painted Oak
      • Measures : Length 20.3cm x Depth 12.7cm x Height 4.6cm