Candle Care

SOH Melbourne Luxury Candles

Your SOH candle is a beautiful hand made & hand poured soy wax candle.  Follow these instructions and it will last 60 - 70+ hours.

Your first burn should take approximately 2 - 4 hours for the wax to melt its way to the sides of the vessel.  This will depend on the time of year and the temperature.  At this point you may blow out your candle and let it completely re-set before burning again.  Each time you burn your candle, burn to the very edge of the vessel so that your candle doesn’t tunnel.  This will ensure your candle has a long life.

Before relighting always trim the wick.  This will help maintain the integrity of the wick.  A perfect burning candle requires that the wick is always in the centre.  If your wick is too long it can favour one side and will burn unevenly.  If you notice that your wick has moved gently reposition your wick back into the centre whilst the wax is still soft.  A shorter wick will also avoid the candle smoking.

Never leave a burning candle unattended.  Do not burn your candle all they way down, always leave 1 cm of wax at the bottom to avoid the the vessel overheating when empty.

Recycle and reuse your vessel after use. They make great pot plant holders, mini vases, even office desk storage!

Burn like Royalty