Gidon Bing Ceramics Use & Care


Instructions for the Use and Care of crafted ceramic vessels

Hand-washing is recommended for crackle glaze vessels.

It is not recommended to use crackle glaze vessels to contain wet foodstuffs. Crackle glaze is susceptible to stains from vivid pigmentations.

Crafted ceramic vessels are typically seep/leakproof but there are no absolute guarantees, minor flaws can lead to pinhole cracks and fissures. Mishandling or accidental damage can also cause leaks, particularly with celadon/crackle glazes so it is advised that all vessels be placed on a moisture barrier to protect surfaces.

Satin glazes are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Take care not to use sharp metal implements that can leave scratch marks on satin surfaces, with the exception of the satin white glaze which has been specially formulated for scratch resistance and is strong enough for use in commercial kitchens.