Gift Registry

Our Gift Registry makes it easy for you to create a wish-list of beautiful linens, homewares, design objects, lighting and furniture from Capricho for your wedding, engagement, anniversary or birthday.

As a special thank you for creating your Gift Registry with us, you will receive a Capricho Gift Voucher to use on your next purchase valued at 10% of your guests purchases (please note this is not redeemable for cash and excludes any sale items in your registry).

Your personalised gift edit will be beautifully wrapped and delivered to the requested address on the date you choose, or items may be sent to your guest(s) if they would prefer to bring the gift themselves. Alternatively gift(s) may be collected from Capricho.

Important : Please get in touch at least two months prior to the date of your event so that we can work with you to identify any items you would like to include that may be out of stock or require pre-ordering.

You can create, manage and share your Gift Registry by following the steps below.

    1. Click on the Gift Registry link at the bottom of this page. You will be taken to the Gift Registry page with the following options : Find / Create / Manage.
    2. Click on Create. You will be redirected to Sign Up screen as you must have an Account before you can create and manage your Registry. If you already have an Account click on the Returning Customer? Login link. Once logged in you can click on the Gift Registry link at the bottom of this page and then follow the instructions below.
    3. Once you have created your Account you will be taken to the Create your Registry page.
    4. Fill in all of the details of your event and click Create my Registry.
    5. You will be taken to your Registry dashboard. To add products to your Registry, click on the message Click here to begin browsing to add products to this registry.
    6. For each product you wish to add, click on the product and then use the Add to Registry button.
    7. In your Registry dashboard you will be able to increase or decrease the number of items by changing the number in the WANTS field or remove products altogether by clicking the x in the DELETE field. After each change change click on the Save Changes button.
    8. To share your registry click on Share and select the relevant option to share your registry with your guests.
    9. To manage your Registry at any time, logon to your Account and click on the Gift Registry link at the bottom of this page and click Manage.
    10. Guests do not need an Account to purchase gifts from your Registry. Using the link that you provide them they can purchase items from your Registry by entering the number of items they wish to purchase in the relevant Line and clicking on Update Cart or Checkout. Once they select Checkout they will be taken to the Checkout Page where the shipping information will have been pre-populated from your Registry details.
        If you would prefer to choose the gifts for your Registry in person please contact us to arrange a time to visit the store and we will put together a list with you.
            And finally, this process should be exciting and easy for clients and guests, so please contact us at any time for assistance at or on 0211027309.

              Click here to create, manage or find your Gift Registry