Kristina Dam Stool Assembly & Care

Assembly Instructions for Stool

Place the round top plate upside down on a thick piece of cardboard, fabric or similar in order to prevent scratching the surface of the product whilst assembling.

Unite the two base pieces of the table by sliding them together - they will form the legs of the stool. Connect the base onto the top plate while it is laying on the floor in its inverted position. Press the base firmly into the cross in the middle of the top plate. Selecting the best connecting position is VERY important. If needed turn the base clockwise 90 degrees to ensure that the best possible fitting position is chosen.

Take a rubber hammer and a soft cloth, place the cloth on the wood to protect it and use the rubber hammer to connect the base and top plate in the most suitable position.

Make sure that the two pieces of wood that form the base are aligned after assembling to the top plate. Attach the felt stickers onto the base of each leg. Turn the stool up the right way placing it on its legs and it is ready for use.


Care Instructions for Stool

Please be aware that wood is a living material that changes imperceptibly over time. All wood reacts to sunlight, humidity and temperature change and can vary slightly in grain pattern and colouration.

The solid oak is untreated and therefore will absorb dirt and grease substances much faster.

When cleaning the product use only warm soap water and apply this to the entire surface. Dry immediately with a soft cloth to prevent water marks and stains.

Note that the grain of the wood may raise when it comes into contact with the water. Use fine sandpaper to smooth the surface if needed.

It is not recommended to stand on the Stool.


Note: All Kristina Dam products are made from genuine and long-lasting materials. Please follow the care instructions to treat and maintain your new item(s) correctly.

All Kristina Dam products are designed in Copenhagen and produced within the European Union.