Bed Linen Size Guide

To avoid any confusion we have included the sizing information for each specific product directly on its product page.

Bed and mattress sizes vary greatly in New Zealand and for that matter around the world, so it is important to measure your bed / mattress to ensure you get the right fit and look for you.

It's also important to consider your Duvet inner size, for example if you have a Queen size bed but are using a King size duvet inner.

Fitted Sheets

To ensure that sheets, in particular the fitted sheet will fit your bed it is important to measure the depth of your mattress.

Non-standard bed size

If your bed is a non standard NZ size it is important to check the width and length of the mattress to ensure that your chosen product will fit.

Overall Look

To ensure that you get the right amount of coverage on your bed, please measure from the floor to the top of your mattress, across the mattress and down the other side to the floor.  This total measurement will allow you to decide if a product is going to give you the look that you desire (more or less coverage / drape).

If you have any concerns or questions about sizing please feel free to contact us!

Additional information on bed sizes can be found in our article Bed Size Madness