Capricho, Large Japanese Bowl, French Green, Gidon Bing
Capricho, Large Japanese Bowl, French Green, Gidon Bing
Capricho, Large Japanese Bowl, Satin Cream, Gidon Bing
Capricho, Bone Crackle Glaze, Gidon Bing Ceramics

Japanese Bowl, Large


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Japanese Bowl, Large from Gidon Bing Ceramics

Gidon Bing is an Auckland artist who designs and produces works in various materials including ceramics, plywood and metal, often using innovative methods based on traditional techniques.

The Large Japanese Bowl is a sculptural twin walled bowl with contrasting straight lines on the exterior and a gently sloping open volume on the interior.  Use it as a beautiful display or fruit bowl or use it as a serving bowl for smaller dishes.

  • Available in Satin Cream or French Green.
  • Measures :  Tall 7.5cm x Wide 27cm.

Note :  Slight variations in size and shape are part of the charm of these handmade products.

See below for Care Instructions :

  • Crackle Glaze Care - Hand washing is recommended. It is not recommended to use crackle vessels to contain wet foodstuffs. Crackle glaze is susceptible to stains from vivid pigments such as beetroot, tomatoes and turmeric etc.
  • Satin Finish Care - Satin glazes are microwave and dishwasher safe.  Take care not to use sharp metal implements that can leave scratch marks on Satin surfaces.  The best method for stain removal is denture cleaning powders/tablets. If you have a bad or persistent stain, bleach or hydrogen peroxide may be used with care.

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