Capricho, Kinfolk Magazine, Volume 30, Hospitality
Capricho, Kinfolk Magazine, Volume 30, Hospitality
Capricho, Kinfolk Magazine, Volume 29, Print Culture
Capricho, Kinfolk Magazine, Volume 28, Hair
Capricho, Kinfolk Magazine, Volume 25, The Food Issue

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About Kinfolk

Delving deeply into home, work, style and culture, Kinfolk promotes quality of life and connects a global community of creative professionals from London to Tokyo.

Volume Thirty : Hospitality, how to turn strangers into friends and friends into family

Drilling down into the heart of hospitality, we investigate its five pillars: acceptance, comfort, empathy, entertainment and trust. How has the rise in peer-to-peer services such as Airbnb changed our relationship to having strangers in our home? Does a lack of formality translate into a more comfortable environment, or do subtle rules actually make it easier for people to know how to behave? And, how do you get a guest to leave?

Volume Twenty-Nine : A celebration of Print Culture

Starting with its material parts—the aesthetic, tactile pleasures of paper and the power of the written word—we look at the various other ways in which printed matter stills matters: from the lost art of handwriting to the secret lives of bookshelves and to the design of passports—the very papers that determine one’s right to freedom.

Volume Twenty-Eight : Untangling the deep-rooted history and heady symbolism of Hair

The summer issue of Kinfolk untangles the theme of hair. Beyond a narrative of love and loss, we examine the ways in which hair has come to hold deep and powerful meanings in daily life as a site of self-expression and a repository of cultural identity.

Volume Twenty-Five : The Food Issue

The fall issue of Kinfolk explores one of life’s simplest pleasures: sharing a meal. The act of eating together––whether at a well-appointed table or in the simple breaking of bread––is an essential element of a well-lived life.

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