Capricho, RNA small woodblock print, Gidon Bing

Rna - Small Woodblock Print

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Gidon Bing Woodblock Prints

Gidon Bing is an Auckland based artist and designer who works from a modest boatshed atelier and basement studio. Gidon’s influences range from Avant Guard and European Modernism, Japanese architecture and a fascination with archaeology and the primitive artefact. His craft has been developed from time spent working closely with classically trained master artisans in NZ, Europe, Israel and Asia.

Gidon's unique print series perfectly showcases his bold, reductive and expressive aesthetic. A refined work of art, each card is unique, expressing the subtle nuance of the creative process. Place on a shelf, mix and match with other treasures or frame it for your wall.

  • Rna
  • Postcard sized art print
  • 17.1cm Wide x 11.6cm High
  • Ink on cotton paper stock