Capricho, RUM Magazine International, Number 6
Capricho, RUM Magazine International, Number 6
Capricho, RUM International, lifestyle magazine, fifth edition

RUM, International Edition


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RUM Magazine, International Edition

RUM is a brand and a point of reference in its own right. A leading authority when it comes to style, design, and architecture.  Rooted in the Scandinavian way of life, but have a truly international scope. First with new trends and tendencies, but maintain a distinct focus on the Danish as well as the international design heritage.

RUM International Edition No. 6
The sixth edition and the year's closing edition of RUM International honours the darkness that shrouds the Nordic countries for 6 months of the year. It embraces the melancholy mood of the season as a creative premise that defines and drives the Nordic soul. From the wistful solitude of artists like Vilhelm Hammershøi, inspired by the gulf between darkness and light, to modern filmmakers like Lars von Trier, renowned for his deeply dark dramas, Nordic Noir has become known beyond the borders of the northerly countries. But how is it reflected in our interiors and in our minds?

RUM International Edition No. 5
The fifth edition of RUM International fuses interior design with fashion and art, where strong silhouettes and sculptural designs mark a new era of creativity and talent. We visit a colourful Copenhagen crowd — including a designer, an architect, a florist and a furniture dealer — in their inspiring homes and workspaces to talk to them about their visions, passions and love of their city, currently on the rise as a new cultural playground.

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