Capricho, Rum International Magazine Issue 7, front cover
Capricho, RUM International Magazine No. 8, Magnation
Capricho, Rum International Magazine Issue 7, front cover

RUM, International Edition


RUM Magazine, International Edition

RUM is a brand and a point of reference in its own right. A leading authority when it comes to style, design, and architecture.  Rooted in the Scandinavian way of life, but have a truly international scope.

RUM International No. 8 - The new era of collectible design

The waters that surround Denmark are filled with around 70 populated islands, each with its own unique history, spectacular nature and intriguing people. 

To most, island life is synonymous with summer in Scandinavia. This is what we’ve wanted to capture the mood of in our eight international edition of RUM. We’ve travelled across Denmark to Møn, Seierø, Ærø, Bornholm and Fanø and found wonderful hidden treasures for you in the shape of beautiful homes, passionate creatives, awe-inspiring nature and cultural experiences.

RUM International No. 7 - Copenhagen in bloom

Spring is a very special time of year in Copenhagen. With rain and long, dark days winter here can seem almost endless and as soon as we get a tiny glimpse of spring and sunshine we become quite elated, brimming with energy. At RUM we are celebrating spring in our seventh international edition by focusing on everything that’s bursting into bloom and flowering, not only literally but also in the creative spheres within art and design, along with the new talent we believe are worth keeping an eye on.